Monday, February 27, 2017

Jesus and Uncle Drew

This week I came upon the "Uncle Drew" videos that Kyrie Irving made with Pepsi.*  In episode 1, Irving gets made up like an old man (Uncle Drew) and shows up to a city park basketball court in New Jersey.   He looks like an elderly guy who probably isn't able to get anything serious done on the court; he seems frail, and possibly even a bit senile.  No one regards him as any sort of "force to be reckoned with" but as he begins to play with the "youngbloods" he slowly reveals his incredible skills.   Onlookers are "wowed" as he proceeds to warm up and then dazzle the court with authority.

The whole scene is intriguing.  This unlikely, seemingly fragile man steps up and conquers.  It's got some "underdog"  motif, the ordinary Uncle Drew, turns out to be an extraordinary NBA star!  He looks like some regular old guy with absolutely no game at all, but in fact he's a champion of the game!

This narrative that captivates everyone!  The people standing on the side of the court are completely enchanted, and pretty much so is anyone who dials it up on youtube!

I would say there's a certain "glory" to the whole thing.  And I suggest that the reason it's so enthralling, the reason it strikes us being so "cool" is because of the way it essentially "echoes" the gospel story.  What Uncle Drew did was pretty cool; he showed up looking like a nobody and then proceeded to inspire everybody!
Reminds me of that time Jesus left heaven and took on the form of man.  He didn't seem like anything special, but in fact he was supremely so.  He seemed an unlikely champion, but as he lived, died and rose from the grave he revealed himself as the ultimate victor.  Under-estimating him is easy to do, but it is only to our shame and detriment.

Pepsi and Kyrie came up with a cool story.  But Jesus thought of it first.

*I think these were made like 4 years ago or something.  I'm not sure, but I guess I am a bit "late to the party" on these vids.