Monday, June 25, 2012

Kufre Inyang (Seniors 2012)

I mentioned in my last post that many of our students who have been most impacted by the weekly evangelistic outreaches have been very quiet and typically reserved students.  One such evangelist is Kufre Inyang.   

Kufre hails from Houston, Texas and he and I met a few years ago at a Chinese Bible study meeting  here on campus.  I remember it clearly, because he and I were two of the only non-Asian's at the meeting. He was quite comfortable in that setting, so I was immediately interested to know his story.    I could tell right away that he was very un-pretentious.   We got some time to hang out a few months later while "chalking" the campus walkways -the preferred method of advertising at Cornell -before an Easter Sunday service.   There I discovered that Kufre is a man of steadfast action and often very few words.  (For example, on "Senior Share night" he got up and spoke from the heart for about a minute and a half.  Powerful and concise.)

He’s regarded as a “Gentle Giant” of sorts among his friends.  He is a kind and compassionate person though he might strike you at first as a tough guy.   His peers respect him and appreciate his authenticity, dependability and loyalty.   Although he’s quiet, those who know him best describe him as passionate. 

Kufre is defined by his commitment, dedication and persevering spirit.   For 4 years he has served faithfully in the Christian community and in our ministry at Cornell.  Along with Tom and the rest of the EvMOSGo team he gave leadership to the weekly EV.   That required him to step outside of his comfort zone and engage people socially.  Because he is so naturally introverted, I know this was a challenge and a step of faith.   He served consistently as a volunteer in our ministry and took on responsibilities willingly.   He has a few friends who know him intimately, but everyone knows you can count on him for help, and if you give him a task, he will follow thru.  If you ask him to be there, he will show up. 

Kufre is a capable leader and efficient organizer.  He both participated and coached intramural sports teams and lead out with Cru.  Kufre will be missed at Cornell.  

Because Kufre is such an athletic beast; one of my fondest memories at Cornell was at the fall getaway when I scored two goals on Kufre in a game of "Big Red Ball!"  

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