Friday, March 23, 2012

Fun With Broken Glass.....

We’re finishing a week in Florida with our Cornell students at CRU’s Big Break in Panama City Beach.

Our students traveled from Ithaca by bus and We left New Mexico about 10 days ago caravanning in two vehicles.

We left a day later than anticipated both because packing up took longer than expected and because Joe wanted to squeeze in a quick trip to the Emergency room.  While we loaded up the cars, our kids and their cousins were out in the desert playing with some empty beer bottles they found.  (typical kid stuff)  They were filling them with sand when Jack convinced his brothers that breaking them would be fun!  (Isn’t it?)  Titus smashed one like an angry drunk in a bar brawl holding it firmly by the bottle’s neck.  Joe wanted a turn and instead of finding a fresh one, he reached for Titus’ newly fashioned weapon.  He grabbed hold, Titus jerked it away and the blood started flowing from Joes thumb. 

So there we were in the midst of stressfull packing when a kid comes running towards us with his hand covered in blood.  Good timing!  It was actually pretty hard to determine who won the “foolish” award amongst the three competitors.

Hangin' in the ER

We went to the E.R. and thanks be to God, he didn’t need stitches.  So, we were able to leave the next day. 

Packing up in New Mexico was both arduous and emotional.  The last several months have been filled with so many different situations and experiences; care-taking for my dad, the Holidays, time with family, my father’s death, my sister’s wedding and other events along the way.  We lamented leaving our families, church friends and home town because we love them all.  But, we left with sustained conviction and confirmed sense that our calling to Cornell is from the Lord. 

We got to meet up with some family in Amarillo, TX and an old Spain (our first staff assignment) team mate –Kelly Skrapka (formerly McCarthy) in Norman Oklahoma on the way out here.  

And it was awesome to re-join with our students here! 

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