Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Break Delivers

CRU's annual Big Break is a power pack combo of  mission trip, conference, Jesus party and road trip all rolled into one.  This worthy adventure delivered as usual this year as we accompanied 37 students to Panama City Beach Florida for a week of worship, fellowship and outreach to spring breaking college students out on the beach.

There is truly nothing like Big Break and it serves as a venue for training in evangelism as well as personal growth for our students.  It's also the time of year when our kids get to spend the most concentrated time with our students.

This year was extra special because we re-united with our Cornell students after a few months apart.

Jack with Isaias Munoz

Joe with Larry Lin
The students put together a Vodcast each day to briefly highlight the days events.  You can find all 7 on youtube here

In episode 5, Kevin highlights some conversations he and I had when we initiated an impromptu taxi service at midnight on Tuesday night.  The second guy we gave a ride to had literally been approached by three different groups of Christians throughout the day to talk about Jesus.  He'd engaged in three different gospel conversations, and he was literally beginning to get the message that God actually loved him and wanted a relationship with him!  I asked him if perhaps his (Christian) ex-girlfriend was praying for him because it seemed he could not escape the good news!  He said she was.  We had a powerful conversation where he acknowledged that his extreme love for alcohol was adversely affecting his life and relationships.  He talked about wanting God to really prove himself real -and admitted that the days events could certainly be a sign!!  Being completely un-churched he expressed a desire to know more about God.  I had a copy of Bill Clem's book Disciple sitting in my van, so I gave it to him.  Disciple is a pretty thick book, not one I'd typically hand out to guys who are still seeking, but it was what I had with me.   He looked me in the eye with true heart-felt gratitude and said "I will read this book.  You haven't wasted this book.  I'm not going to throw it away, I'm not going to leave it in my hotel room. Seriously.  I want to check this out."  We prayed for him and then dropped him off at his hotel.  

Also in Vodcast 5, our kids were having a ball at the restaurant with our students.  

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