Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mom and Dad Celebrate

      Despite the negative circumstances, I must say that it is totally awesome to be home for the Holidays.  We haven't been able to come home for Christmas in years, so spending this time with our parents, siblings and extended family is really great!

On the 22nd of December my parents celebrated 38 years of marriage!  Certainly, they are gaining deep insight into their covenant vows to stick beside each other "in sickness and in health" this year, and we had a wonderful time celebrating all that God has done in and thru them.

My dad had a good day!  He spent the day pretty content; sleeping a good amount, but also awake and alert at different times.  We all got to take pictures together and he was engaged with us, doing his best to pose with us and look at the camera!  That was a gift from him to my mom and the rest of us!

We got out their original wedding photo and hung it up on the wall behind my dad's bed.  

Going out to dinner was out of the question, but our sister-in-law Wendy prepared a delicious dinner and we all gathered together like we do almost every night now to eat and hang out.  All the kids and grandkids were there along with my grandma and one of my aunts.  

We are so thankful for my dad. 

This is me with my sister Leslie, Rachel, my mom and my brother David
Here's my dad with all 7 of his grandkids
My brother David, my Dad and Me

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  1. Oh my goodness David looks JUST like your dad in that wedding picture! I'm glad you guys are able to be in Santa Fe to support your parents! Wish we were there to hang out this holiday season!