Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Captain America Turns 4

We've fallen behind on our posts again, and it's actually been weeks since Titus turned 4.   It seems like yesterday we were at the birthing center in El Paso, awaiting the arrival of our little Texan.   My (Stephanie)  parents brought Jack, then 3, and Joe (only 1), to come and meet their little brother.   They were already in bed and I remember them arriving in their jammies giving kisses to little Titus in his red knit hat!  We have loved these four years with Titus and all the laughter he has brought to our family.  He is a good helper to big brother Jack, a crime-fighting side-kick to Joe, and a “gentle” wresting playmate for Ruby (not usually at her initiative).  He is our miniature man.  He doesn’t eat much at all, so we joke that we are keeping him small for bull-riding.  Titus loves to draw, cuddle, eat chocolate, laugh and get tickled! 

After our trip from NY, we made it to Santa Fe in time to celebrate his big day with both sets of grandparents (which in itself is a rare and special treat).  We had a ‘Captain America’ theme and it was a heroic adventure!

Titus got a sweet Captain America helmet.

His meemaw (J.W.'s mom) had arranged for the kids to get a tour of a local fire station.  She got to know the guys over there a few weeks before when they came over to help my dad and take him to the hospital.   While we were there the firemen got a call and had to drive the engines out with sirens blaring and lights flashing.   Cake, presents, family, and fire trucks, what more could a boy want?

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