Thursday, September 15, 2011

Joe's Viking Birthday

Look at these Viking warriors!  What are they waiting for?  
A dragon?  A huge flaming boulder covered in tar flying thru the air?  
No......that would be unsafe......especially at a 5 year old birthday party.   But we did use a trebuchet to launch soccer balls and water balloons at our kids!  And that was a good time!  

Our little man Josiah turned 5 yesterday, and we celebrated his birthday with some of his friends last Sunday.  We went with a Viking/How to Train your Dragon theme.  The kids love that movie, and actually I think I love it even more.

Stephanie made some viking helmets out of 1 gallon milk jugs and I put together some swords using large paint stirrers and some pipe insulation.  We built the catapult out of some scrap wood.  Steph also made a dragon cake to go with the theme.

Josiah enjoyed his friends and the time together.  It's hard to believe that 5 years ago we were in Kearney, Nebraska.  Today Joe is attending pre-school at Trinity Lutheran, and also beginning to homeschool with Steph and Jack.
And, our daughter Ruby is very cute.  

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