Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This is Edgar Lei

Christ-follower, missionary, co laborer, friend, servant, helper, brother. Those are all words I would use to describe Edgar Lei. And that doesn't even touch upon his personality and giftings. Edgar is hilarious, he's full of energy, he's smart and he's passionate. I can't truly explain how much of a blessing he has been to our team over the past two years! I speak for my family, our team and the students in our movement when I say that we will really, really miss Edgar next year!
Edgar came to Cornell in 2004. He graduated in 2008 but he stuck around for 3 years to continue to be a part of all that God is doing on campus. For two of those years we've been working very closely with Edgar on our staff team. I honestly can't imagine where we'd be without him!
Edgar studied biology/pre-med as an undergrad and had always planned to go to medical school. He is currently applying to schools and trying to discern exactly what God has next for him.
We made this short video summarizing his life and ministry here at Cornell.

One of Ruby's first words is "Edgar". She started saying it about a month ago when we were all out in Florida at Campus Crusade's Big Break. Our boys are constantly asking Edgar to give them "space jumps". That's when Edgar lifts them up by the arms as high as he can while they exert themselves jumping! -Actually Edgar is the one exerting himself! Fun for both.
In the fall of 2009 we went out to New York city for a 3 day cross cultural missions initiative. We joined a bunch of other staff and did some outreach at Columbia U. and the City College. Ruby was just a few months old and with our 3 boys in tow, it was a pretty crazy time trying to navigate the city -but Edgar was such a helper.

As a student, Edgar was involved with another ministry on campus called the "Chinese Bible Study." They have a wonderful tradition here on campus. It was thru that ministry that Edgar came to know Jesus. We have a very close relationship with CBS, and since they don't have any staff, Edgar became interested in joining our team after he graduated.
Over the past two years, Edgar has lead small groups, he's mentored students, spoke at our Real Life meetings and provided guidance to our Evangelism/Mission ministry team. Last summer he got to head out with a couple of our student leaders to East Asia with the team from Yale. This summer, he'll be heading to Haiti.

This picture is a total riot!

Our ministry has been steadily growing over the past few years, and Edgar has been an integral part in serving our students. As a friend and co-worker I personally have enjoyed hours and hours working together on campus as well as sharing life, and discussing theology and ministry philosophy. I feel so aligned with Edgar and as I said at our end of the year dessert -"I would keep this guy forever if I could!"

Some of the random moments on the Edgar hilight film in my brain include me, him and Adam felling a precarious tree between two houses with a chain saw, watching him jump (or actually commando roll) thru a bon-fire and leading a community group together. I am also thankful to Edgar for introducing us to Kale. I did not know it was so healthy!

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  1. Edgar, one of the most awesome, on-fire-for-God people I met at the BWC.