Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter on the Quad

This past Sunday we got to be a part of an amazing Easter Celebration right in the middle of Campus. Working alongside the other campus ministries and with the blessing and affirmation of our local churches, we hosted a Resurrection Service on the Arts Quad at Cornell.

The weather was....Ithaca. Classic Ithaca rain. As I mentioned in my message -you don't get picturesque waterfalls and beautiful gorges from sunshine! We'd hoped for sun, but the Lord had other weather intended and we praised him just the same.

I estimate there were over 500 people at the service. The band used poignent secular songs like Where's the Love by the Black Eyed peas and Bridge over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkle to highlight the relevence of the Gospel for today and to talk about Christ's love.

Two students and a professor gave their testimonies -which were very powerful. I also gave a message which was cut short by the rain. My hope was to give an extended apologetic for the fact of the ressurection and then invite people to place their faith in Christ. As the rain drops got bigger I had to cut out a lot of my talk, but was still able to point to the Scriptures and proclaim Jesus as Savior!

Considering how bad the weather was -there were a lot of people. And with umbrellas and rain coats people stuck it out in order to celebrate together the Glory of what God accomplished for us over 2000 years ago!

The point was to make the good news as accessible as possible. Having the service right in the middle of campus certainly did that!

Below is a pretty cool little video that talks about Easter, using a facebook motif. Very creative!

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