Monday, March 14, 2011

Big Break Coming Up!

Student Leader Elaine Higashi put this video together for us. It's a compilation of footage from the past two years at Big Break in Panama City Beach. Next week, we'll be heading out to Florida with our students.

And this past weekend we heard from Korean American missionary to Japan Michael Oh. One of his first mission experiences was out in Daytona Beach!

He wrote this blog post and it is totally worth reading! It illustrates so much of why we go out to the beaches of Florida each year.

Here's an excerpt:

I was a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. If it had been one year earlier I would have been at Daytona Beach to join in the partying. As it was, God had intervened mercifully in my life before going to college, and I was there for a beach evangelism project. Christians sure know how to almost have fun......Read More

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