Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inspiration from Boston

Though the Boston Winter Conference is almost a month behind us, I wanted to share these highlights from the Student Evaluation Forms.

Q: What was the most important thing you learned at BWC 2011?

  • "My passion and desire to intentionally bring Jesus Christ into my friend's lives is literally bursting from my heart."
  • "What I have learned was to be free and not be bound to sin. To be a slave for Christ."
  • "That I am "on the hook" when it comes to spreading the gospel. I am still terrified and unsure bu I know I don't want to be a silent Christian anymore."
  • "sealed with the Spirit isn't fleeting"
  • "freedom is found in Christ, but experienced in the body."
  • "Re-learning the importance of prayer"
  • "getting back to the heart of worship, my first love -being ignited, passionate for Jesus again and grew more by praying and need for intimate time with God."
  • "Freedom doesn't mean I can just do whatever I want - it means I'm free to struggle and free from sin"
  • "The importance of sharing my faith with others"
  • "Surrender, serve, speak all for Jesus!"
  • "How to share the gospel"
  • "A passion for evangelism."
  • "Life isn't about my plans according to the standard expectation. The only everlasting impact is winning souls to Christ."

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