Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Article: Divisive vs. Persuasive

World Magazine is a periodical that I like to read in order to keep up with current events. Thru World, I have been introduced to author/contributors such as Anthony Bradley. His posts and online videos have definitely blessed me as well as challenged me and I encourage you to check him out and read anything he's written.

The Magazine seeks to bring the Christian worldview into focus while reporting on life, politics and current issues. Though a 'conservative' myself, I think that the magazine has become a bit too focused on politics in the last couple of years; or rather, I think the magazine has become too overt (though un-officially) in aligning with the republican party. Every one is entitled to their position, but I think this overt alignment will only lead to less readers, and that's unfortunate because there is a lot of good stuff in this magazine.

I like articles like this one a lot. Lee Wishing is bringing Jesus' words to bear on our current political discourse. His post is educational and applicable to everyone; whether conservative or liberal. This article highlights the way faith in Christ is supposed to affect our lives in this World -which I think is the point of the magazine. Our citizenship in God's kingdom should shape our involvement as citizens in earthly kingdoms, and the ways of our King transcend party lines.

Click above, or check it out here.

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