Friday, September 3, 2010

What is the Real Story?

British Author and Missiologist Leslie Newbigin once wrote “The way we understand human life depends on what conception we have of the humans story. What is the real story of which my life story is a part? That is the question which determines what we believe to be success and what failure.” (The Gospel in a Pluralist Society, pg 15)

The story we believe will radically impact our lives. Our beliefs about the over-arching narrative that our lives are part of will inform our identity and it will shape our ‘worldview’. This will certainly affect the way we live and what we think our life’s purpose and meaning are.

Newbigin continues; “In our contemporary culture….two quite different stories are told. One is the story of evolution, of the development of species through the survival of the strong, and the story of the rise of civilization, our type of civilization, and it’s success in giving humankind mastery of nature. The other story is the one embodied in the Bible, the story of creation and fall, of God’s election of a people to be the bearers of his purpose for humankind, and of the coming of the one in whom that purpose is to be fulfilled. These are two different and incompatible stories.”

In one story we are cellular, biological machines, our very existence is basically random and accidental, and in the other one we are image bearers of the living God of the Universe created to live in relationship with him. In one of them, we are where we are here at the top of the food chain because of how we, or at least our ancestors have clawed, evolved and survived. In the other we’ve been purposefully put where we are by an infinitely powerful being! Two totally different stories! And different implications.

If we are simply animals, it would make sense for us to go thru life striving to survive by “clawing” and “biting” those around us and attempting to evolve into the most dominant creature that we can But if we are image bearers of God, we should serve, and care for those around us and steward the gifts and abilities for the blessing and benefit of others.

What is the real story of which your life story is a part?

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