Tuesday, September 7, 2010

57 Hours of Prayer

This past weekend there was a 57 Hour Prayer vigil on campus. The event was organized by a few students from at least a couple of different fellowship groups on campus, and the purpose was to " to ask God to grant us individual and campus revival, with a unity reliant on Jesus Christ, and to develop within us a mindset and attitude of prayer throughout the year." There were prayer stations, each representing a different need and students could walk thru the different stations and pray for specific things. Students were there around the clock praying alone and praying in groups.

At one of the stations there were some small peices of paper and students were encouraged to write down any sins as a means of confession. Then they could put the papers into a bowl that was burned after the vigil was over.

I got to go to the event on Monday morning. There were a number of students there and we interceded together for the campus and for each other.

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