Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life on the road 1

I’d like to start out this post with the lyrics from Five Iron Frenzy’s song “Superpowers”

Bacon bits and jalapenos on my polish hot dog....half a pound of potato chips, and a beef jerky log.

I press my face to the window. A wrapper sticks to my shirt. Eight people in a stinky van, a couple more couldn't hurt.

Eat some food off the floor. I've developed a taste for bread mold. Ride around in a van, don't take a shower for six weeks and...

We’ve been on the road for the last 8 days. Living out of our van and staying in different places on our way to our summer assignment in Colorado. (Don't worry, we take showers!) The truth is we like travelling in the summers. It’s a part of our job that certainly has it’s difficulties, but we honestly think it’s pretty awesome!

We spent the first few days of last week finishing up our packing and moving out of the house we’ve been renting for the past couple of years. We got a late start out of Ithaca last Wednesday and travelled on I-80 til Kearney, Nebraska. We spent last weekend there. It was a great time there as usual visiting friends, ministry supporters and the Kearney E-Free Church. We stayed at Joe and Mishelle Maul’s house. Always a 5-star set up!

While in Kearney, we got to go to the new children's museum/play place. Jack and Joe got to dress up as Firemen.

On Monday we arrived here to Windsor, Colorado. Stephanie’s parents recently moved here to work and be closer to Steph’s family who have been here for years
We’re staying at Steph’s Aunt and uncle’s house which is always a blast. Yesterday, the kids got to ride some horses and a little pony after uncle Don and Grandpa John finished roping.

This is a great place to be for our kids as well since they get to hang out with all of their (2nd) cousins. Scotty, Will, Zach, Lilly, Molly and James are great!

On Friday we’ll head farther west to Crested Butte for six weeks to staff the lifelines summer project there.

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