Sunday, May 23, 2010

End of a great season

On Saturday, we sadly said goodbye to my sister Rachel. She left early for Wildwood, New Jersey where she is serving as a student intern-staff on the Campus Crusade summer project there.

This goodbye was particularly sad because this coming fall, Rachel will not be returning to live with us, but will be headed back to New Mexico to start classes at UNM.

Rachel has been with us since we moved here two and a half years ago. She initially planned on taking one semester off, and ended up staying here for 5 semesters. Her time with us here in Ithaca was a total blessing. She was such a servant, helping us here at home, with the kids, cooking, cleaning, running errands. And she was a blessing to our ministry.
While here, she got to plug in and be a real active part in our movement here at Cornell. She got to make a lot of friends, and grow in her faith. She served on our prayer team, and was a real recruiter for summer missions as well as a relational connection to a number of the girls. Two weeks ago, she shared a very moving and powerful piece of her faith testimony that was very encouraging and challenging for us all.
Last week we celebrated her birthday, and went out to Taganough falls for one last hike together. We will miss her so much, and our kids will miss her as well!

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