Sunday, May 16, 2010

7 Ways to be a Missionary in College

This list is from a post written by Matt Jensen over at I like it, and it flows very well with the stuff we talk about all the time here on campus.

1. Know Non-Christians

It seems like common sense, but too many campus ministries are set up to babysit nice, moralistic, hypocritical youth group kids an create a bubble around them. As Christians, we have to be outwardly focused, as the father sent Jesus, Jesus sends us into the culture. It's so much easier to share the gospel if you belong before you ask people to believe (John 20:21)

2. Think about where you will live

Make your living situation missional: meet new friends and build relationships to see students meet Jesus instead of secluding yourself with people who all act and think the same way you do. Grab a Christian friend and move into the wildest apartment in the neighborhood. Don't conform, but be a movement of change in an area where it's desperately needed.

3. Join the Greek System

there's instant community established by living in the Greek system, and people in sororities and fraternities know everyone. Once you're in, you become really well connected and are able to be on mission in an extreme environment. Yeah, I know: They sin a lot. So does everyone else in college (1 Cor. 9:19-23)

4. Get involved (not just at church)

Join a club related to your major, hobby or interest. Stop saying yes to every church obligation and begin seeking how the Gospel can apply to all areas of life. build relationships by playing intramural sports on a team without all your Christian friends.

5. Start a small group in public

Instead of meeting in a house or apartment, start gathering in a coffee shop or study hall. this will not only allow you to support the local community, but it might also allow somebody else to eavesdrop on a worthwhile conversation

Serve the community

Get involved with a local non-profit or service center. By serving the community alongside non-believers, you're doing the work that Jesus calls us to do by being missional not only to the population you're serving, but also to the people you're serving alongside.

Practice Radical Hospitality

College students aren't known for being the most financially well-off or generous people around. Buying a classmate coffee or lunch is a small sacrifice that can speak volumes and made a huge statement in demonstrating grace. This could also mean driving drunks home from a party and sharing the gospel with them the next day as you take them to ge their car.

You have a few short years to reach people who will scatter throughout the world and live for something or someone. The key to being a missionary on a university campus is believing Jeus is worthy of every student's worship for his glory and our friends' eternal joy!

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