Monday, April 26, 2010

Trip to Haiti 1

My friend and team mate Adam Simpson and I arrived in Haiti today.Adam and Tracy Simpson are in the (long) process of adopting a couple of kids from Haiti. Part of the procedure includes visiting the children and the orphanage in Haiti, and that is what prompted this trip. As you can imagine, things are pretty much a mess regarding adoption in Haiti. One of our hopes is that by being on the ground, at the orphanage, we can access the most up to date and accurate information available. Adam is pictured below with Daniel in the foreground and Kelly Thomas right next to him.
Ideally, Tracy would go with Adam, but since she is now 3+ months pregnant, this is not a good time to be heading to a 3rd world country that’s been ravaged by an earthquake. Adam asked me to go with him, and I am happy to go along to visit the kids and support him as continues to engage in the adoption procedures.

The plan is for us to stay at the orphanage. We have packed some gifts for all of the children including candy and sports equipment etc.

While in Haiti,we are also hoping to hook up with some of our national and regional Campus Crusade leadership to begin talking more about how we as a campus movement at Cornell can be involved in the ongoing relief efforts. Campus Crusade is already working in Haiti, and is planning to continue working in Haiti for at least the next 5 years.

We currently have two students –Dean and LaMont who are raising financial support to go to Haiti on a summer project this June. They will join with Christian college students from Haiti to do medical missions, Food Pack assembly, set up solar/wind powered water purifiers etc. And on campus, we have joined with the other Christian ministries to sponsor a 30 hour famine type of event to raise money for World Vision’s efforts in Haiti.
Please pray for us as we travel!
We will be there til Thursday.

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