Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Looking for a place to Live

As we get ready for next fall, we must find a new place to live. The home we rent now is in a great location, pretty close to the campus. We have adequate space, a yard for the kids to play in, a great land-lady and a very reasonable price! We have been so blessed to live here for the last couple of years.
But we've gotta find a different house because our land-lady is going to be moving into this house. I want to ask you to please pray for us because we are having a hard time finding a house in our price range anywhere near the campus. As we have been looking around town and praying for a place to live we have looked all over the place. Every neighborhood or section of town has it's pros and cons.
Ideally we'd like to be near campus, nearer to our team mates and not too far from the Lutheran preschool where the boys go. But so far every lead has come up short. Yesterday was discouraging as we visited a house. It was pretty close to Cornell and it was in our price range but it was right off the highway and it was totally destroyed. There are a lot of houses we would feel comfortable living in, but this one was absolutely nasty. I call it the "bombed out death shanty". It's obviously been rented to college students in the past, and they have used and abused it!
Please pray that God would guide us to the right place.

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