Monday, March 15, 2010

Third death in a month

The low hanging clouds and slight drizzle lend themselves to the dreary atmosphere on campus today, but tragic death is the real cause of such palpable gloom.

"Ithaca is Gorges" is the unofficial slogan of town, famous for it's beautiful gorges, but these days, no one is thinking about that beauty. Three male students have plunged to their death in less than a month here at Cornell. These students have taken their own lives by jumping off of bridges into the gorges that surround the campus. Why?

That is of course the question of the hour. It is, naturally surmised that these 3 men felt a sense of despair, that they were depressed, hopeless, hurt or scared. Most people blame the the intense academic rigor and competitive atmosphere of Cornell. And certainly that functions as a catalyst.

But of course, there are deeper issues anytime someone kills them self. It's very complex. The root cause of suicide is in a word -"sin". Personal sin. Corporate sin. Universal sin. What were the evil desires that were allowed to reign in these guys hearts? Was their nobody in their lives they could turn to? How can others be saved from such despair?

Campus Crusade for Christ works to "put the gospel within arms reach of every student" because we believe that Jesus is truly the answer, and relationship with him is what conquers hopelessness. We want "every student to know someone who truly follows Christ" because we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this lost and dying world -a powerful live-giving force of encouragement and help.

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