Monday, March 1, 2010


At the end of last week, the weather said we were gonna get a “flurricane” –some kind of crazy snowy, windy destructo storm! Thankfully it wasn’t too windy, but we did get a ton of snow! I took a yard stick out in my lawn and measured at a few different points and my readings were between 16” and 22”! And we got more snow last night, and it’s snowing right now!

It took Stephanie and me two and a half hours yesterday to shovel the driveway so we could get the minivan out of the garage. Our truck was practically buried in snow, and the kids were using the roof of it as a platform for jumping into the drifts!

We had a skinny little alley way shoveled up near the street. Just enough for the van to eek thru, scraping the wall of snow on both sides. Then this guy with a snow plow came by and asked if we wanted him to knock our pile down on either side of the drive way, so we didn’t have the thread the needle so carefully! He pushed snow in two minutes that would have taken us an hour to shovel by hand! We thanked him, and two thoughts came to my mind: One was “I wonder if that guy is a Christian?” and the other was “Maybe that guy was from Nebraska!” All I know is that he was a real blessing! (in my experience Christians and Nebraskan’s tend to be nice like that.)

Last Friday on campus there was an “epic snowball fight” on the arts quad. There were around 1,000 people there! (and I missed it!) But after our weekly meeting we had a midnight snowball fight with at least 100 people!

I thought I needed to add a picture of our little Ruby Girl, because she hasn't got much face time on this blog yet! She usually hangs out inside during the snow storms.

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  1. Now, that is just a darling little girl! Can she really be growing up SO FAST!? And she doesn't look like she's having any trouble with a house full of boys! :)

    Love it - we love seeing ALL the Betts kids...and are (not-so-secretly) hoping there will be more of them. :)


    Cathy & all the Groves