Monday, February 1, 2010

Parenting tip #1

Are you having trouble getting your kids to try new foods? If reading that dinosaur book about good dinosaurs trying everything at least once isn't cutting it with your little ones, then I've the got the solution for you! Your pre-schooler needs some inspiration! And nothing has done so much to invigorate my little wild-men to broaden their culinary horizons like professional Wild-man Bear Grylls! After weeks of watching Bear eat bugs, insects, worms, grubs, raw zebra, skunk meat, snakes and goat testicles, getting my guys to try smoked oysters and a new vegetable every now and then has been a breeeze!
Here's a shot of Bear mowing down a raw trout down in Mexico. Now, whenever one of my guys doesn't wanna eat what's on his plate, I chide them with a healthy "Come on Bear Grylls! Give it a try." They then pick it up, and they either like it or, they chew it up, swallow it and look at me -and with classic Bear inflection say "Aw, disgusting" and we all laugh about it!
In case you don't have the Discovery channel, like we don't you can watch "man vs. Wild episodes on Netflix and I think maybe Hulu.

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