Saturday, January 23, 2010

We all Meditate.

Our friends Stan and Alison Matuzs hosted a week of prayer before the semester started. They set up a couple of places on and near the University for people to go and spend some time in extended prayer. It was a "prayer room" and in the room, they had different stations to visit. At each station there would be a topic to pray for, or some scripture to focus on. For example, one of the stations simply said "Haiti" and we prayed for Haiti.

I wrote this down from one of the stations. I'm assuming either Stan or Alison wrote it.

"We all meditate. We all spend a large portion of our time in some form of meditation. The thing is, what we meditate on may or may not be worth while. In fact, what we habitually think about is frequently unhealthy for our growth as Christians. Often it is simply sinful."

For me, it was both convicting, and helpful to spend some time thinking about what it is that I meditate on besides God.

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