Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trusting God for more

This January we had a great regional conference out in Boston. Hundreds of students gathered together for a time of worship, fellowship and outreach. We listened to some great speakers, we grew in faith, and we mobilized around the mission of the church. I think many of us thought it was the best Boston winter conference to date. It was very missional.

I enjoyed my time there a lot, but to be honest, I felt there was something obviously missing –namely about 20,000 students! (If not more.)

I say this because we had somewhere less than 500 students attend the BWC, while the famed Passion conference down in Atlanta, Georgia had about 21,000 students.

Though I rejoice at the number of students that attended our conference, and though I rejoice at the number who were at the Passion, I personally feel disturbed by the reality that so few students in the Northeast care about the things of God. I know the state of Christianity in a region cannot be determined solely by conference attendance! But the fact is that Christianity is inordinately absent from university life in the Northeast and conference demographics simply serve to illustrate the point. This is not good, and I feel very unwilling to let all the passion reside in the south!

When people ask me about what’s going on here at Cornell, in the area, I have some praises!God is at work, and he’s doing some cool things in the lives of students, but the reality is, my team and I are trusting God for a lot more!

We yearn for students to be running after Jesus with reckless abandon

Living with true faith, with full trust in God.

I’m praying for students to experience life altering Victory over sin! Sins that hold them back from living powerfully for God.

We pray for students to forsake empty worthless idols like sex, fame, vanity, riches, success, comfort

We want students here to have truly Christ-centered ambitions. Truly seeking God’s will for their lives!

We want our movement to advance in mission on this campus with courage, and we want that bold missional advance to spread out from here into the community and the rest of the world!

We want our ministry to be a dynamic Jesus loving Truth and Grace community.

Seeing the potential, not wasting their lives, doing all for HIS GLORY

Would we be known by our selfless, serving of this world that Jesus might be exalted.

Living by faith, not fear! By faith, not by sight

That God would connect the Gospel with more international students

We want to be a big time missions sending school. We want lots of students to go on summer missions!

A group passionate about sharing our faith

Reach different groups like the ROTC

Student leaders who are committed.

There is a lot of work to be done up here! Please join us in praying, and trusting God to move in a mighty way at Cornell, and Ithaca College, and SUNY Cortland.

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