Thursday, January 28, 2010

Real Life topic:Missions

Tomorrow night, I will speak at our weekly meeting -called Real Life- about "Missions". We'll talk about God's heart for the nations, and the worthiness of God's glory to be proclaimed and made known everywhere! Every Christian has a role to play in the spreading of the good news.

Historically, college students have been used by God to take the Gospel all around the world. In fact, here at Cornell, a guy named John R. Mott gave his life to the mobilization of missionaries. John Mott was a leader in the YMCA back when it was a campus ministry, -and not an exercise facility, and he was a founding organizer of the Student Volunteer Movement. The student volunteer movement was responsible for mobilizing thousands of students for Christian world missions.

Please Pray for our meeting. Friday nights, 7:30. Olin Hall 155

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