Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Shane and Shane fans!

I (J.W.) am now officially a Shane & Shane fan. Shane and Shane are two very talented guys who play some really great Christian music. Their new cd is awesome!

If you haven't heard of them, these guys have been around for quite awhile now. Actually before there were two Shanes, there was just one -Shane Bernard. My brother in law Tim was a big fan. He and others have tried to turn me onto these guys before, but I was just never really feelin' it.

I've acknowledged their talent all along, and I've appreciated a few of their songs in the past, but now I'm a real fan!

They came out and played at our Boston Winter Conference a couple weeks ago. Some of the staff and students were super psyched about that, but I wasn't overly enthused. I went to the concert, and i enjoyed it. I liked some of the songs a lot, and others were just o.k. But as I listened to the music at the show, I began to appreciate the lyrics more than I had before, and I was impressed by the theological depth of their message.

Stephanie bought a couple of their cd's including their newest "Everything is different" and that's where I really got sold. I love this cd. I can listen to every track. My sister and Stephanie and I have been playing it at our house almost constantly for the past two weeks!

Shane and Shane are known for their harmony and Shane Bernard's trademark double strumming. He's an amazing guitarist, and the guys voices really blend together well. In the past, I thought they needed to jam out a little more -to pick up the pace! This new cd has some good jams. Also, in the past, I thought they sounded a little too "breathy" like John Mayer, and it kind of annoyed me! But I'm past all that now, and I'm rockin to these guys non-stop.

As Stephanie's sister exclaimed: "Finally!"

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